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Match3D Rules - Read


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- ! Upon joining this server and registering on Match3D you affirm that you are at least "18 years old". If not, you are advised to leave as it is not suitable for minors ! -

- During stay everyone will be considered to have accepted - the rules and agreements posted by the administration

1.1 ➽ Spamming, threatening, trolling, using any form of derogatory comments against any race, ethnicity, gender identity, sexual orientation, nationality are to be refrained

1.2 ➽ Rude, vulgar, sexist and offensive comments (in chat, username, status), content (images, videos, profile pictures, banners) and symbols/signs of that nature are forbidden within the boundaries of Match3D community

1.3 ➽ Posting malicious links with the purpose of scamming people and/or infecting them with a malware (trojan, keylogger, ransomware and any kind) is a bannable offense. The administration won't be held accountable for the damage it might cause. Users are advised to be careful and to proceed at their own discretion.

1.4 ➽ Advertisement of any kind by using the userbase of Match3D is not permitted (whether in channels or in direct messages) and will be viewed as a form of harassment

1.5 ➽ Disclosure of personal info (i.e. phone number, address, social media and other contact details) of the users without their consent is forbidden

1.6 ➽ Impersonating another user or the staff, for any reason it might be, won't be tolerated and dealt with

1.7 ➽ Sharing an account is highly discouraged and if done, it should be expected that any penalty from non-compliance from the user will be reflected to all shared/linked accounts

1.8 ➽ Posting an explicit comment and/or content in any channels other than the ones tagged with [NSFW] is strictly forbidden and the content at hand must be portraying a character (whether real or fictional) at the age of 18 or above and must not include an animal of any species. The administration does not condone child pornography, animal abuse, necrophilia, gore and non-consensual (rape, blackmail, drug) content

1.9 ➽ As the administration of Match3D we reserve the right to delete posts we deem against the rules and disruptive and issue penalty (mute, kick, temporal & permanent ban) on the wrongdoer after evaluation

"Match3D is a free to play nonprofit game supported by volunteers working for the betterment of the game and user experience. Cooperation with the staff members and compliance are much appreciated"


Match3D Team



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