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    Titty Twister

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    Bikini & Shorts

  5. r><color=#07D0FF><b><i><size=20> Hi I am Sassy.  I am 53 and searching for the  one hat gets me. Love new friends. Say hi to me I am  pretty  shy but pretty open  minded. I don't judge any1  so  same 4 me would be great. Please I treat eve1 like I like to be treated.  My interest family,  honesty ,   animals.  dancing , singing, nature, sex ,and ofc 3DX.But make it interesting are  I will walk away.   I do come with a G LABELS

      ,LOL .Dange rous curves, slippery when  wet, dumpy road ahead, Steep down grades leave With no escape ramps. So proceed  with caution folks being them selves, is 
     very important  I have a Twisted mind and even  worse sense of humor. Not many get my jokes are me.. .  So  proceed with caution . ~Sassy~</size></i></b></colo

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  7. Hello!

    I'm hoping someone can help me figure this out...


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    Noche de Mininos

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    Vaz Party

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    Rock Music

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    Fiesta de Pijamas

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    Underworld Club

  15. PANTA REI  Πάντα ῥεῖ     

    everything this now" is always something else" tomorrow

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    Halloween Party

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    Halloween Party

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    Halloween Fiesta

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    Happy Halloween

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    Zombie Night

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    Mitzki Celebracion

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    Fiesta Del Semaforo

  23. the time off 


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      mood on melhacholy

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