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    A Ordinary Rp Group İn The Bliaves Of Demon's , Vampire's , Werewolf's And More "I was once the highest of my father's angels, God loved me the most, then God created.... you, the little cockroaches, God ordered all of the angels to bow down to you but I said "father I cannot, these beings are flawed, murderous" then he ordered my brother, the Archangel Michael to banish me, Michael pinned me down and called me a freak, then I fell.... into the abyss, with my brother Satanel, my dead will soon arrive.... in the end times.... but not before I drag as many of you down with me."
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    Evenement Saint Valentin Le 14 Fevrier 2023 a partir de 21h00

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    Rock und Metal vom Feinsten mit Live Modis
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